Cannabis Topicals

Of all the amazing things that you can make from cannabis, the one that's perhaps the most exciting is the recent rise in marijuana topical products.

Unlike cannabis buds, you don't have to smoke anything in order to take advantage of its medicinal benefits. In fact, you don't have to consume these types of products at all. Cannabis topicals are available in creams, lotions and oils that are all able to be applied directly onto the skin.

Do you have sore hands from working at a computer all day? A Cannabis topical can help reduce inflammation and pain. Bad back? Sore joints? Marijuana topicals are useful, effective solutions for all of these problems.

House of Cannabis carries all the best cannabis topicals, so let's talk about some of the different forms in which these are available.

Topical Marijuana Creams & Lotions

The most common forms of topical cannabis products are creams and lotions. Not only are these incredibly efficient for reducing negative symptoms caused by a variety of chronic pain illnesses, but they are perfect for everyday use too.

If you're someone that frequents the gym, but can't deal with the incredible soreness you feel hours or days after a good workout, cannabis topicals might be a smart choice for you. Just apply to sore muscles when they're sore and watch those achy, painful cramps fade away.

Best of all, topical marijuana creams and lotions come in a variety of scents, and very few of them smell like cannabis at all. So, if you're worried about stinking like weed after you've used cannabis topicals, you won't have to worry.

How to Not Smell like Weed

Popular as it may be, most people don’t want to smell like weed; especially out in public, or when they’re around non-smokers. The good news is that…


On the other hand, there are some great topical cannabis oils available, as well.

These are thinner and more viscous than creams and lotions; however, they’re absorbed more easily into the skin. Where lotions and creams can leave your skin feeling extra soft (but sometimes a bit slick), most topical cannabis oils disappear after a minute or two; so, you'll never even know they're there.

The type of cannabis topical that will appeal to you most, depends on what you like. If you're someone that already enjoys regularly using hand cream, substituting cannabis topical is an easy switch. If you don't enjoy that feeling, perhaps oils are a better choice for you.

If you're not sure what you'd like, one of our budtenders would be glad to show you some options. Just visit any of our weed dispensaries across Ontario, and we'll be happy to give you some direction.

All the Most Effective Cannabis Topicals

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Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the variety? Not sure what you want? No problem!

Visit any of our locations across the province, and let one of our skilled budtenders show you some of the stuff we have in stock. Let us know what you're looking for, or the type of cannabis experience you're trying to find, and we'll point you towards some products that are sure to be exactly what you need.