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Session Spots in Barrie

House of Cannabis is the Weed Store in Barrie That Knows All the Area's Hot Spots

Barrie Weed Store

When you're looking for an amazing selection of the best weed strains in Barrie, as well as a collection of amazing smoking accessories that can accommodate any type of cannabis usage, House of Cannabis has everything you need.

But once you've visited the best dispensary in Barrie, what is there to do around the city to make the most of your cannabis experience?

Not to worry, we've put together a list of our five favorite places to enjoy a nice session in and around Barrie, to help give you and your friends some ideas the next time you're looking for a new place to go for a smoke-filled afternoon.


Top 5 Places to Indulge in Barrie

Barrie Centennial Park

One of the hottest spots in Barrie to visit year-round is Barrie Centennial park. Musicians, festivals and celebrations are just a few of the types of events you'll find going on at the park throughout the year. You'll never be bored with tons of beautiful walking areas to explore, as well as a popular sandy beachfront area, including a floating water playground and lifeguards to make sure everyone is safe! Combined with a boat launch, a burger bar, sports areas and an adventure playground, Barrie Centennial Park is always full of fun activities for visitors. Why not swing by and check it out after visiting your favorite dispensary in Barrie, House of Cannabis?

Sunnidale Park Arboretum

Who says indulging in Cannabis has to involve lazy, relaxing activities? For those who are looking to get out and get moving after visiting a weed store in Barrie, look no further than Sunnidale Park Arboretum. Known for its gorgeous hiking and dog walking trails, this area is also incredibly popular throughout the winter months when snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and tobogganing fanatics make their way here to bask in Sunnidale's natural, picturesque beauty. This former golf course also houses a stunning underground water reservoir, which can make for an exciting, post-smoke exploration mission.

Theatre by the Bay

Voted Barrie's Best Live Theatre in both 2019 and 2020, the Theatre by the Bay has made a name for itself in recent years through its commitment to high-quality, locally-sourced live theatre productions, as well as its moving, impactful shows. Instead of just resigning yourself to visit a movie theatre to watch the same cookie-cutter comedies, why not treat yourself to some live theatre? You won’t be disappointed. Best of all, because of Theatre by the Bay's work with local talents, anytime you choose to support one of their productions you're not just supporting the theatre, you're supporting all of the arts community within Barrie.

Sadlon Arena (Barrie Molson Center)

Looking to take in a larger event like a sports game or a concert from a band that's visiting the city? Well, look no further than the Sadlon Arena! This beautiful arena has been the home to the OHL team the Barrie Colts since 1995, and has seen numerous exciting sport events take place here over the last quarter of a century. Also known for hosting an array of live music and events, this amazing multi-purpose entertainment center has become a staple for people in Barrie who are looking for a fun evening out. Why not check out what events they have coming up? This way you can make plans for something exciting to do after visiting House of Cannabis, the premiere cannabis dispensary in Barrie.

MacLaren Art Center

One of the most enjoyable things to do after you've enjoyed some cannabis is to do things that are creative or artistically inspired. There are few better places in Barrie to accomplish that then the MacLaren Art Center. Take in some gorgeous locally created art or an exhibition, and spend some time surrounding yourself with the positive creative energy that can always be found here. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to get some art supplies for yourself on the way home and make something creative of your own!

Weed Delivery in Barrie

Everything you need to know about weed delivery in Barrie

The Weed Store in Barrie That Has the Answers

Barrie is such a beautiful community, full of wonderful people. House of Cannabis is committed to being the most knowledgeable, trustworthy dispensary in Barrie. If you have questions, we'll have answers for you. Find out for yourself and visit our weed store in Barrie, and one of our skilled staff members will help point you in the right direction. Whether you're looking for the best weed strains in Barrie, useful smoking accessories or fun local activities, House of Cannabis has the answers you need to always have the most enjoyable cannabis experiences.

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