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Where to Buy Cannabis in Kitchener

House of Cannabis is the Most Reliable Cannabis Dispensary in Kitchener

Kitchener Weed Store

If you're looking for weed in Kitchener, there are dozens of places that you could go. So, how do you know which is the right place for you?

Deciding on a Kitchener dispensary might seem frustrating, but it's important that you take the time to find somewhere that you can trust. Ensuring that you're buying the best weed strains and smoking accessories from a licensed and regulated Kitchener dispensary is crucial to guaranteeing that you're always buying legal products that are regulated to keep you safe. House of Cannabis is a licensed cannabis distributor in Kitchener, and we've made it our mission to only provide the highest quality, safest products for our customers.

We're committed to making sure your Kitchener cannabis experiences are the best possible. Part of that involves making sure we always have educated, knowledgeable staff on hand to help you find the best marijuana strains for your tastes, and the rest is giving customers the peace of mind that everything they buy from our stores is legal and safe to consume.


The Best Weed Strains in Kitchener

We Take Our Bud Knowledge Very Seriously

While the old ideas of sativa vs indica still dominate many cannabis consumer's minds, there is a great deal more that we've learned about what makes up the cannabis we all love. The biggest being what parts of each strain actually help determine the smell, taste and effects of each variety.

The answer is terpenes [link to terpenes page], of which there are over 100 different varieties that have been identified from the best weed strains. Learning about each of the different types of terpenes is a huge undertaking, which is why our budtenders are committed to continually expanding their own knowledge. House of Cannabis works with them to help build this knowledge, so we can pass it onto our customers.

So, if you're looking for a specific kind of high, with effects catered to your unique needs, let us find the perfect weed strains in Kitchener for you.

You Can't Trust Black Market Products

Only Buy from a Licensed Cannabis Dispensary in Kitchener

There are a number of different factors that need to be monitored when cannabis is being cultivated.

Keeping things organic (not using illegal pesticides and fertilizers), sanitary harvesting and storage areas, temperature control during the curing phase to avoid mold growing. These are just a handful of the critically important factors that need to be tracked, in order to protect cannabis users from consuming tainted, or even dangerous buds.

You don't get that kind of peace-of-mind when you're buying your weed from a guy that only does business in empty parking lots or behind buildings.

Don't put yourself or your smoking companions at risk. Choose House of Cannabis as your Kitchener dispensary for safe, legal cannabis products.

Our Staff is Committed to Serving You

Education is Everything When Providing the Best Smoking Accessories

Tired of just smoking joints? Looking to branch out into a new method for consuming cannabis, but can't figure out what will work best for you?

No need to stress, House of Cannabis' staff know the ins and outs of all the different methods for using cannabis. We’d be more than happy to walk you through some options to help you find the right selection.

Pipes, bongs, vapes (both larger home units and mobile vape pens), edibles and dab rigs; we carry a wide array of different cannabis tools, which can open your mind to a whole new universe of cannabis experiences.

The choices are up to you, but our staff is always here to help guide you through your options, so you can make well-informed cannabis purchasing decisions.

Weed Delivery in Kitchener

Everything you need to know about weed delivery in Kitchener

Who is House of Cannabis?

We’re the weed dispensary in Ontario that’s committed to ensuring you’re always able to find all the amazing weed accessories you’re looking for. We carry weed pipes, bowls, bongs, weed vaporizers, vape pens and cartridges, rolling papers, weed grinders, cannabis oils, cannabis beverages, edibles and so much more! More than that, we’re also the weed dispensary that you can trust to always provide you with the best quality cannabis products on the market. Every product that we carry is guaranteed to be legal and safe to use. We only offer products that are monitored and manufactured through the strict guidelines set out by the Government of Canada, to protect cannabis users from unsafe, unregulated products. We care about your safety, and that means we’ll never cut corners when it comes to quality.

Session Spots in Kitchener

With tons of great indoor and outdoor locations to visit around Kitchener, there's always something fun to do after you've enjoyed your cannabis in Kitchener.
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