What is Shatter?

House of Cannabis Has Everything You Need to Know About Shatter

If you're bored of buying the same cannabis products all the time, and you're looking for a change, there are a huge variety of alternative smoking methods and forms of cannabis, outside of the traditional flower form.

Oils, extracts, edibles and tinctures; it can be overwhelming just trying to wrap your head around all the different forms of cannabis products available on the market these days. Thankfully, House of Cannabis is here to help you get a better understanding of some of these game-changing variations of cannabis. This way, you can decide which of them you'd like to try, when smoking the best marijuana strains just isn't scratching that itch anymore.

What is Shatter Made of? - H2

Don't Use Extracts Until Your Understand What's in Them

If you’ve been wondering ‘what is shatter made of?’, we’ve got answers for you.

Shatter is sometimes called 'shatter wax', but the truth is that true shatter has more of the consistency of glass that has been laid out in thin sheets. It's often compared to glass, because of its texture and semi-transparency, as well as how brittle the amber-colored substance becomes when it’s made properly.

While it may not look much like the flower from which it's made, shatter is actually just a combination of the extracted cannabinoids and terpenes from the trichomes found in the cannabis plant matter.

To put this extracts strength into perspective, on average even the most potent, best weed strains available will typically have a THC potency ranging from around 15% to almost 30% in very strong strains.

Shatter, however, boasts strength as high as 80% THC in some cases. Even for veteran smokers, this extract has the potential to knock them for a loop; especially if they overindulge, or if they aren't prepared for the intensity of their high.

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How is Shatter Made?

Knowledge = Peace of Mind

Making shatter is a relatively straightforward process. With that said, and we cannot stress this enough, you SHOULD NOT try to make shatter at home. Many injuries, explosions and home fires have occurred because of users trying to make their own shatter at home, without the proper experience and equipment.

There are very specific, expensive pieces of equipment used to make this extract safely. The professionals who are making shatter have years of experience. Experience that even the more veteran cannabis users won’t have.

With that said, to make shatter cannabis flowers are added to liquid butane; in order to separate the trichomes, cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower.

The resulting mix is then collected and heated, to remove as much as the butane as possible from the extract.

After it's been heated, the result is left to settle and cool; where it becomes the brittle, glass-like substance we know as shatter.

Shatter vs Budder

Similar & Often Confused

While they can look very similar, depending on their consistency, there are two major differences between these two concentrates: heat and consistency.

These two substances are essentially different variations of the same extract. They are both made using butane to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the trichomes in the cannabis plant. However, the intensity of the heat used in this process will determine whether the end result is shatter vs budder.

If the flower is blasted at a higher temperature, the end result will be the thin, brittle substance known as shatter. However, if the temperature is brought down, the result is a more malleable, waxier substance called budder.

Also, budder is often whipped, stirred or shaken at various stages in the production process, where shatter isn't agitated during the heating or cooling processes. This results in a different consistency in the resulting extract.

Shatter is the more potent of the two forms, while budder can still be very strong; even when compared to smoking the best weed strains.

Best Place to Buy Shatter in Ontario

House of Cannabis is the Most Reliable Store to buy Shatter

Due to its strength and potential dangers resulting from its extraction, it's incredibly important that when you're looking to buy shatter, you're always purchasing a licensed, regulated variety.

This way, you can rest assured that you will be safe to consume the product, because it's been monitored and undergone strict safety testing. You don't want to have to worry about the safety of your health when you’re using it, right?

House of Cannabis prides itself on only offering licensed and regulated products, so you'll always have the peace of mind knowing that you're safe to use our cannabis products; whether that’s shatter, our selection of great smoking accessories or just purchasing the best weed strains. We're here for you. When you choose to shop at House of Cannabis, we guarantee that every one of your cannabis experiences that we facilitate will be as safe and enjoyable as possible.


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