How to Not Smell like Weed

It’s All About Planning Ahead

Cannabis is called many things. Stinky, dank and skunky are words that are often thrown around when you’re talking about a potent pot strain. So, we can say weed is odiferous, to say the least. For regular cannabis users, it’s always a good time smoking with friends before going out, or using a little cannabis before you go about your day.

Popular as it may be, most people don’t want to smell like weed; especially out in public, or when they’re around non-smokers. The good news is that it’s not hard at all to conceal the smell of even the strongest cannabis, you just need to do a little planning ahead of time.

Keep in mind: weed can be very pungent. Spritzing a bit of perfume or cologne is not nearly enough. Go this route, and you’ll just end up smelling like weed-covered flowers, or weed-scented Old Spice (don’t do it). It’ll be 100% obvious that you just smoked, and it will seem like you hardly tried to conceal it.

When you’re smoking cannabis, think about where the smoke and smell goes. Your clothes, your mouth, your hair and your hands are the primary places that end up retaining the smell long after you finished your bowl or joint. There are a variety of tools to keep in your trusty, cannabis smell-busting toolbox, and they can make all the difference.

Some Helpful Suggestions from House of Cannabis

Breath spray

Most people suggest gum or mints to combat the smell of weed in your mouth. That can help in a pinch, but breath spray is very potent. Plus, you don’t have to wait very long for it to work like you might with chewing gum. You can immediately begin to refresh your mouth. Also, you can use it more as needed; unlike gum, where your jaw might get sore after chewing more than one piece at a time.

Make sure to try to get the spray all around the different parts of your mouth, and wait at least five minutes before being around other people. The weed smell will have started to dissipate by then, and the minty-fresh mouth spray will take its place. It’s also recommended to drink a glass of water after distributing the breath spray. This way, you can get some of the spray down your throat and further clear cannabis residue from your mouth.

This one by Cleure is made with natural ingredients and it’s safe to swallow!

Dry Shampoo

This suggestion may not be something everyone is familiar with, but if you’re someone who keeps up with haircare trends, you might already know where this is going.

Dry shampoo isn’t typically used to help people not smell like weed, but it works by absorbing oil and grease from hair without the need for water. It freshens and livens the hair, without stripping the hair of its natural oils like some regular shampoos are known to do.

It sprays on like hairspray, and typically has a light, cosmetic smell. Spraying a little dry shampoo on your roots and just lightly rubbing your fingers through it to the ends can absorb some of that cannabis smell, while also leaving you smelling like the shampoo.

Be careful, as dry shampoo typically sprays out white on the head. You don’t want to use a lot; especially if you’re just trying to cover up the smell of weed. Dry shampoo is often sold in travel sized containers, so it’s an inexpensive and portable way to conceal any weed smell that might be lingering in your locks! Grab a comb too while you’re at it, and brush it into your hair to get the most out of it.

Hand Sanitizer or Oranges

Oranges? Yes, really. If you’re not smoking a joint or vaping while you’re out, you’re likely packing a bowl.

Regardless of how you’re smoking, at some point your hands will come into contact with the cannabis. Hand sanitizer is a simple and effective way to remove the smell from your hands. It cleanses and refreshes your hands, while removing traces of resin that causes the cannabis smell to linger on your fingers. A scented hand cream will also work to cover the smell of weed.

Oranges are also great because the oils from the peel transfers to your hands and can help conceal the smell of weed, almost immediately! If you eat the oranges, it’ll also cover the smell in your mouth.

Fun Fact: Citrus peels are abundant in limonene, a terpene also found in cannabis. Sativa cultivars like Sour Diesel and Durban Poison are both high in limonene. image 168.jpg

Body Spray

Yes, we know we said no cologne. But this is something you should use in addition to some of the other measures we’ve mentioned.

Using a limited amount of body spray is an easy way to freshen you up. The key is not to use too much, and not to use a scent that might clash with other products you’re using. Keep everything light, fresh and consistent with each other. Your goal is to avoid smelling like weed; not draw attention to yourself in another way, by dousing your body in heavily fragranced products.

Zip-up Hoodies & Eye Drops

A zip-up hoodie is great to keep on you at all times, if you’re a regular weed smoker. Wear it while you smoke and simply take it off before going anywhere. This protects your clothes from smelling like weed. You can also throw your hair in the hood to prevent your hair from absorbing the smell.

Eye drops won’t help you to not smell like weed, but they will clear some redness from your eyes. Redness that might make others question if you’ve just smoked.

We Don’t Judge

House of Cannabis Cares About Your Cannabis Experiences

When you know you don’t smell, it’s easier to relax and enjoy your cannabis. No one wants to feel anxious or paranoid because they just smoked. Visit one of our cannabis stores across Ontario and one of our budtenders might have additional suggestions for you on how to avoid smelling like weed.

One thing we definitely will have is all the best weed strains and weed accessories you need to make your next cannabis experience a great one.


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