Recent information that's been obtained through the study of cannabis has shown that the only really negative physical effects of smoking cannabis (other than the munchies) involve consequences from inhaling carcinogens.

These carcinogens are the result of burning plant matter from cannabis buds, or paper from rolling papers. We're still learning about the specific ramifications, but this new information has led to a rise in vaporizing - using a weed vaporizer to essentially cook cannabis and then inhale its vapor.

With this rise in popularity, there's been an equal increase in the amount of weed vaporizers that you can find on the market. They each have their pros and cons’ so, let's discuss some of their differences, if you're considering trying out one of these interesting devices.


Easily the most convenient (and cheapest) form of weed vaporizer, vape pens are exactly what they sound like. Tiny, pocket-sized weed vaporizers, often shaped somewhat like a pen. Most of these use cartridges of cannabis oils, rather than cannabis buds; but you can find some small vape pens that do allow you to load raw flowers.

One of the biggest benefits of buying vape pens over larger weed vaporizers is the fact that you can choose to buy either entirely disposable units (where you dispose of the vape pen when its cartridge is empty). Or, you can select sturdier units, which simply take replacement cartridges.

The best choice from these options really depends on how well you know your cannabis. Disposable units aren't as good for the environment, and their costs add up to more over time. However, you will never have to worry about servicing or cleaning your weed vaporizer.


If you're still learning about cannabis products, and you've decided to start with a vape pen, rather than weed pipes or joints, vape cartridges are a smart way to test out a bunch of different types of cannabis oils, to find one that appeals most to your tastes. There are indica and sativa vape cartridges, as well as hybrids that offer a little bit of benefits from both sides of the spectrum. Do you want to have a buzz that's going to have you sprawled out on the coach, binging your favourite TV shows? Or are looking for something uplifting that's going to get you up on your feet and ready to dive into your next pet project? The type of experience that you'll enjoy the most really depends on your personal preferences. We can't make that decision for you, but if you tell us the kind of cannabis experience that you're trying to achieve, we can point you towards something that's going to help provide that experience for you. There are even a number of amazing CBD vape cartridges, which will allow you to enjoy all of cannabis' medicinal effects, without having to experience any of its psychoactive effects. These ones are even safe to use throughout the day; to aid with pain relief and reducing stress.


Of course, we have a huge variety of other, larger weed vaporizers. These could be slightly bigger portable models that are designed towards vaporizing cannabis buds, or it could be full-size desktop weed vaporizers that provide a whole other type of vaporizing experience. Some of these larger models actually come with containers for your weed vapor, so that you can store up a number of puffs and pass it around. A few of these can look a little daunting or be somewhat on the pricier side, but if you're interested in learning about them, we'd be happy to explain how they work and discuss some of the benefits of switching to vaporizing. We can also explain some of the other benefits that come with switching to a weed vaporizer (other than potential long-term health concerns); like the fact that you'll use far less cannabis buds when you vaporize than rolling joints or smoking bowls. This is because vaporizing is more efficient, and allows your body to absorb a much higher potency of the THC from your cannabis.

More Than Just Weed Vaporizers

House of Cannabis Has All Your Favourite Weed Accessories

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