Weed Pipes & Bowls

Odds are, if you're a cannabis user that enjoys cannabis buds, but doesn't favor smoking joints of vaporizing your weed, you probably love smoking bowls.

We totally understand that. There's something so pure about a delicious bowl of ground cannabis flower. After all, you don't require rolling papers, or an elaborate set-up to enjoy smoking a few bowls.

But how do you choose the right weed pipe? There are so many different options available, in an almost limitless number of styles.

Well, thankfully, House of Cannabis is here to help you narrow down your search!


When most people think about weed pipes and bowls for their bongs, they think of glass. Since the 1960's, these beautifully designed pieces of art are as important to their owners as the cannabis flower they're using. For some users, they're almost like a fashion statement. Something fun to show off while they're consuming with friends. Often, they're chosen based on their style and look, rather than simply functionality, like so many other weed accessories. Because of that, we can't tell you what the best weed pipe will be for you. You'll have to choose for yourself and pick an option that speaks to you through its style. Due to our frequently rotating stock in each of our stores, the best suggestion we can give is for you to visit one of our store locations across Ontario, and see what weed pipes we have that appeal to you!


In recent years, there's also been a rise in the popularity of weed pipes and bowls made from alternative materials to glass. Metal weed pipes and bowls offer durability that neither glass nor wood can offer. Because of this, they're also easier to clean, since there's less chance of it breaking while you’re cleaning it out. Wooden pipes on the other hand tend to be more elegant and uniquely designed than metal weed pipes. Many users enjoy the classy, sophisticated look of a classic tobacco pipe, and there are a number of great wooden pipes that offer that aesthetic. Regardless of what you're looking for, if glass pipes don't appeal to you, one of these two types of weed pipes are sure to offer a wonderful alternative.


Anyone who's been a long-time fan of weed pipes will know the term 'one-hitter' if you bring it up to them. Essentially, this type of weed pipe is exactly what it claims to be. They are pipes that are built to hold a single 'puff' or 'hit' at a time. Like larger weed pipes, this variety of pipes are available in glass, metal and wooden varieties, but our favorites are the ones that come with a small storage container to hold your ground up cannabis buds. They're small enough to fit into your pocket, so you can take them wherever you go with ease. Talk about convenience!


We couldn't talk about all these weed pipes without mentioning their miniature cousins, the bowl. These are typically glass or metal, and they attach into bongs for use but can be easily taken out for cleaning and repacking purposes. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your bong, we have something for everyone. Not sure what size you need? Our expert budtenders can help you figure out which bowl will best fit your needs (and your bong).

We Know More Than Just Weed Pipes

Let House of Cannabis Show You Our Amazing Collection of Weed Accessories

An amazing selection of weed pipes are just a small portion of the fantastic weed accessories you'll find at House of Cannabis.

With locations all across Ontario, we're committed to providing the best cannabis products to our customers, so that anytime someone needs cannabis education or isn't sure what type of weed accessories will appeal to them the most, we're here to help.

Come visit one of our locations, and you'll see why so many people are making House of Cannabis their #1 choice for weed dispensaries in Ontario.