5 Affordable but Hard-Hitting Strains

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Being able to offer the best weed strains to our customers means having more than simply the most potent varieties around. Many consumers actually prefer cannabis strains that are more in the mid-range for THC strength, rather than always going for strains that are going to knock their socks off.

For many experienced users, a personally catered high is what they're looking for. Something that affects them in a specific way. They need a Toronto dispensary that can guide them towards strains that will have the exact kind of impact that they're looking for.

House of Cannabis has skilled budtenders at each of our store locations. No matter which of our stores you visit, you'll always be greeted by happy, helpful and educated budtenders, who are eager to help you find the next perfect strain.

We understand that right now, affordability is important for many consumers. Smoking the best marijuana strains can be quite expensive. So, we've put together a list of a few of our favorite varieties that are strong enough to get the job done, without breaking the bank in the process.

Best Sativa Strains in Toronto

Energetic, Uplifting & Focused


Fans of this strain often point to its incredible uplifting and energizing effects as a large part of the reason they consider this one of the best sativa strains. Bred from a combination of 'Skunk #1' and 'Sweet Pink Grapefruit'. Unsurprisingly, this strain boasts a sweet, skunky smell and taste, which is very reminiscent of both its parent strains. This bud's average 16% THC puts it in the low to mid-range strength. However, its affordability and ability to treat inflammation, anxiety and even muscle spasms, make it a popular choice in Ontario.

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Don't let this strain's name fool you. It's all cannabis. In fact, this strain may only have a THC content of 17%-20% on average, but it's become infamous for its sharp increase in energy and focus for users. Also, for those looking for a tasty strain, Green Crack has a fruity, sweet flavor that's sometimes compared to fresh mango. Unfortunately, because of its name, this strain has come under fire, which is why some have started calling it 'Green Cush' instead.

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Best Indica Strains in Toronto

Calming, Relaxed & Dreamy


Produced by crossing 'Purple Skunk', 'Hawaiian' and a mysterious Canadian strain known only as 'God', this popular indica bud has a very interesting and potent aroma; a cross between tropical fruits, lavender, berry and pine. It's definitely the type of strain that is easily detected from anyone nearby while it's being smoked. This strain on average offers 15%-20% THC, an instantaneous, relaxing high, and is well known to help those suffering some insomnia.

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Best Hybrid Strains in Toronto

Energetic, Uplifting & Focused


This Canadian born strain is thought to be related to the popular 'White Widow' strain, which makes sense since so many of the effects of Jean Guy mirror those of White Widow. Boasting a low to mid-range 14%-18% THC, this strain provides consumers with a surprisingly potent cerebral effect, despite its THC count. Known for its uplifting and energizing effects (although scattered focus is a common side effect), this strain is very popular for providing some relief for cancer and fibromyalgia patients.

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Created as a combination of 'Granddaddy Purple' and 'Durban Poison', this strain lives up to its name, with its scent often being compared to the sweet and sour smells of cherry pie. It's THC range 16%-19% puts it in the mid-range strength, but its effects are known to come on almost instantaneously, lasting for at least a couple of hours. Inspiring feelings of happiness, euphoria and relaxation, you'd be crazy not to want to try this affordable hybrid strain.

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Potent Doesn't Have to Mean Expensive

Get the Best High-Quality, Affordable Strains at House of Cannabis

So, as you can see, there are tons of varieties available to you that are potent enough to accomplish whatever it is that you're looking for in the best marijuana strains; without necessarily always having to pay for a super high-end, 20%+ THC strain.
After you break the 20% mark with many strains, their prices begin to rise dramatically as well. This is fair, because these strains can be harder to grow or less commonly available, with powerful effects above normal strains. However, with the right guidance, there are tons of affordable, fantastic cannabis strains available that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Visit one of our store locations, and an expert budtender will be happy to show you some of the varieties that we have in stock, in a number of price ranges. This way, you can rest assured that you'll walk away with one of the best weed strains, without going outside your budget.

Expert knowledge, amazing customer service and fantastic smoking accessories are just some of the bonuses you get when you choose House of Cannabis for your Toronto dispensary.


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